Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ron's Barkday in August

Look at the nice picture frame I've got from the Pot of Information. Nice isn't it. This is specially for you, Ron daddy! Wish you good health and good luck and may everything goes smooth sailing for you..

I've got myself a peach cake this year.. yummy..


Friday, August 14, 2009

Yearly Shot

I am supposed to get my vaccination on the second week of July but was postponed to the next due to contracting diarrhea after chewing on a cattle ear. Jen bought it in the Midvalley Exhibition and it did taste good to me.

It's been some time that I last visited Dr See's clinic in Seri Petaling. I was quite his regular patient when I was little visiting him few times in a month and that puts a dent in my humano's pocket. I have a very sensitive stomach back then but now, since I am more grown up and have a strong level of immune system with good diet, I am just as healthy as a cow. I wasn't really good in taking dried internal organs, fatty stuffs and rawhide. So my humano are very careful on what they feed me. I am a such a sensitive lil dog..

Scheduling an appointment with the Vet

Back to Dr See's clinic for a yearly vaccination, Jen was laughing when she saw my eyes bulged when I got pricked by the syringe. Anyway this time I am more occupied with the sick cat in the cage than having a shot up at my thigh. It was nothing but it swelled to the size of a quill egg. I wasn't quite pleased when both the humanos took the opportunities to give me a rub. It was painful and fortunately it only last for 3 days. Both even use the conventional way of hard boiled egg for the swell. oh thank you....

Pix of me holding my gas.. Pffftt..

The clinic had extended its services in providing grooming services at a reasonable rate. Looks good to me. I will only be there for manicure and pedicure. At the meantime, I will just keep my mane.. geez..

Sun, Sea and Beach

Wohoo! I am claiming my independence once again and will be heading to Ruby’s Resort in Cherating next week to spend some quality time with the humanos.

Jen and Ron were seen busy packing things for the 3D2N. I won’t be bringing my ‘jamban’ along this time since it is way too space consuming. Not an issue since I can live with it. When you are close to Nature, think Nature and you will do things Naturally.

Jen came across this article while googling the Pot of Information i.e the Internet and would like to share this with the beachgoers (the humanos and the dogs). Here are the 13 points good to know.

1) When taking your dog to the beach, make sure there is plenty of fresh water and shade.

2) Dogs with short hair, white fur and pink skin can get sunburned, so limit your dog's exposure to the hot sun and apply a zinc-free sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.

3) Be careful not to let your dog spend too much time on hot sand or asphalt. Dogs can burn their tender paws just as easily as we can on our feet.

4) Cool ocean water is very tempting to a dog. Don't allow your dog to drink too much seawater as this can cause diarrhea or vomiting and quickly dehydrate them.

I'm cool
5) Check with lifeguards or the resort for daily water conditions. Dogs can be easy targets for jellyfish and sea lice. It is good to have the dog protected with Spot On or Frontline and a small bottle of vinegar comes in handy on jellyfish stings.

6) Check out and inquire any potential rip currents and underwater dangers at ocean beaches. This not only dangerous to dogs but to the human as well. Identify and steer clear from this area.

7) Swimming is a great form of exercise for dogs but their abilities are differ by fitness and breed. Don’t let the dog overdo it as they will be using new muscles and may tire quickly. It is crucial to monitor any signs of exhaustion.

8) Never leave the dog alone by the water. Dogs are just like kids where frequent monitoring is required.

9) Running on a beach is strenuous exercise and a dog that is out of shape can easily pull a tendon or ligament. If your dog is out of shape, don't encourage him to run on the sand.

I'm Fit! Oh Yeah!

10) The beach can present many hazards for your dog. Things to watch out for include fishhooks, dead fish, seaweed, garbage, and broken glass. If the dog does sustain a cut from running on the beach, treat the cut by applying direct pressure until the bleeding stops. Take the dog to a veterinarian if necessary.

11) Salt and other minerals in ocean water can damage your dog's coat, so rinse him off at the end of the day. Not forgetting cleaning the ears with a quick wipe inside to help elevate the extra moisture. If left unattended, it may tend to build into an ear infection.

I am wet now, where's the shampoo?

12) Keep the dog on leash. This is for the dog’s safety and for the safety of other beachgoers and wildlife.

Hey! Is that a turtle?

13) Clean up and dispose dog poops in an appropriate trash bin. It is unpleasant for beachgoers and it poses real health threat to swimmers and other dogs. “Fecal coliform bacteria” in seawater tied to dog poops on the beach can make human and animals ill. In some cases, these bacteria can reach to a level that requires the local Health Department to issue a swimmers' health advisory.


*Pictures originated from the Pot of Information

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ding Dong Belle

It's been months since April that Belle went to a new family. Today I finally heard and see some nice pictures from a friend Jess. Good to see that she looks happy in the pictures playing with her younger owner. Belle definitely looks cute with hairclip.

An eye for a date

Licking good to look good

I am plump as a plum

oops.. I slipped

We are trully happy for Belle that she finally found a place that she can comfortably called home. Her family were so fond of her that whenever they go, she go. And Belle, keep the pictures coming. We want to see how fat and pretty you can grow into.. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malaysia Dog Day - 28 June 2009

I finally claimed my independence again to be out to attend a dog event in Stadium Chin Woo, KL last Sunday. Jen was unaware that the dog agility competitions were reschedule to later afternoon. Ron had already mentioned that we should not be there too early as they were afraid that my energy bar will run low before the real competition starts. So there we were the three clowns sitting and waiting for 6 hours.

In between, we joined the Fastest Recall and I unfortunately got hit by a big Golden Retriever with no sense of direction making me tumbled and rolled twice on the floor. Jen was hit by that big dog on her stomach and yeah, with no apologies given from the big dog's owner. How unthoughtful! I was shaken but not stirred as I turned out to be the 2nd in line and the next semifinal run, from the fastest I became the slowest mo. I was too careful after the first incident. Jen was surprised why I was running so slow with my head low looking from left and right. Once bitten, twice shy.

When it comes to 60 weaving poles, Jen thought that I was ready but heck! I was too ready for the doggie treats and kibbles lying unattentively on the competition floor. Sorry Jen, I haven't had my breakfast yet and those treats were alluring and I was hungry. So after three tries, Jen gave up. Weaving is one of my favourite but food is my top favourite. Doggie like me just have to choose to survive.. Jen was nagging at me for not being attentive to her and well, it might help if the floor is clean from all these additions..

And after waiting for another 2 hours plus, my energy bar already sloping down the hill and just probably enough to manage for 2 runs for the Basic Jumper competition. Again, I waited for another half an hour for the organiser, judge and the participants to debate and to have the rules reannounced and course plan rearranged. My engine was so hot a few times that I barked out of excitement. Oh yeah, I don't bark unless I was extremely extremely excited.. My trainers haven't heard me barking all these years and only once on the training ground. That fine day I was too excited and run for four complete runs and off leash.. hehe.

Coming back to the Basic Jumper competition again, the time when everything is ready, my engine already cool down and I was at the edge of recharging my battery. My first run was with hesitation as I was clawing myself on the slippery parquet floor. Jen put me on leash for the first run because she knew that my focus was not there anymore. I was tired and I think I am focusing more on clawing for my safety than running the whole course. When it comes to second run, Jen decided to off leash me. I think she was exhausted too and decided not to push me too hard. At the end, I decided not to pursue the course and ran all the way to my resting area. Jen understood my signal and immediately crossed her arm to be volunteerily eliminated from the competition.

Jen told me in the car that she was proud of me for not letting her to pull the cow off me and the reason why she off leash on the 2nd run was for me to make my choice either to follow her to run the course together or I can decide to rest . Her sole purpose was to exposes me into indoor environment and both of them were happy about it.

I rarely sleep in the car but that day I slept like a log on Jen's arm when we were in the car. Oh boy! I was so mentally and physically tired and I stunk of pee pee from head to toe. Till now, Jen was still figuring if any big dogs are peeing on me when she is not looking..

Both humano did not captured any pictures as they don't see why they should do so. Place was terrible, smelly and crowded. And if any goody of you would like to contribute a few pictures of the event to me, please email me so I could post into this bloggie. Thank you and have a nice doggie day!

Got this pix from another site. Cami looks like a pussy cat from afar and Ron's hiding behind my back? We spent time waiting and waiting.. yawn.

Not forgetting if you are interested to read Jen's opinion on the course layout and her thoughts in shadow-agility site with the link in this bloggie. And now, passing my pen over to you Jen.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funny Pictures of Me

After searching high and low for old pictures which never comes to public. Here are some for your viewing. Be warned that this might gives you a light head, wobb'y legs and long lasting giggles throughout the day.

"Have a butt-weis-ser" "Warning, don't drink and weave"

"I am the incredible hulk in a tight bee costume" "I am ya King Shadow, bring me my kibbles"

" me and my cute button nose" "me featured in a doggie model magazine of the month"

"oopsie daisy, I just miss the bus" "Where's everyone? Did I miss the feast?"
" balancing act- the devil on me" "I loves this cushion, if you look hard enough, you will notice my drool"

Doggie Fashionista

"you can't touch this" "official ambassador-to-be of a bank"

" the thai massage is superb and it comes with complimentary tidbits" "this roller is good for a belly rub rub"
"this hotdog taste weird..blurrgh" "best to floss after meal to keep your teeth shinny white and clean"

"HaHa..that's all folks"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shadow in Agility

Jen is extending to an additional site to document my progress and at the same sharing our experiences. The dog agility is an interesting and mostly enjoyable sport for both dogs and humans. I've googled and saw that a training school in Europe even promote agility in small breed such as the chihuahua. This shows size does not matter, it is the passion that counts.

Jen will be putting in some extra efforts to draw the course which we ran on the YMCA ground. She had that memorised after a few rounds. We are running on alternate Sunday instead of every Sunday due to my personal emotional issue.. I am an emo dog, remember? Ron felt that I performed much better this way as I am proned to boredom once I get used to everything. My running mode will automatically switch to 'pull cow' mode if they aren't careful.
Not forgetting my tribute to Groovy's owner, the trainer who comes up with new courses every week..